Utility work includes the following:

  • High voltage systems
  • Fiber optic and communications systems
  • Highway sign installations
  • Traffic signal and traffic camera systems

We build and maintain high voltage systems for industrial customers. Whether overhead or underground, this highly specialized electrical work requires a full-time effort. We consistently test and maintain our equipment to ensure that it performs safely and efficiently. In addition, Byers is equipped to provide services on energized lines and equipment. Our splicers are certified on voltages to 69KV. Our investment in new equipment and tools is part of our effort to offer exceptional installation and service to our customers. In addition, our fiber optic group has installed, tested and spliced over one million feet of cable!

Traffic signal systems have been an been a large part of our operation for over 20 years, working with The Delaware Department of Transportation we have provided new installations throughout the state and have maintained, repaired and modernized existing systems to keep Delaware traffic flowing efficiently.