Company History

Byers was founded in 1972 by Frank Byers as Byers Electrical Construction. Over the next five years, the company grew to 10 employees and was breaking through from residential wiring to medium-sized commercial projects serving local malls and businesses. We quickly progressed to working in school construction, water/sewer treatment plants, and a variety of other public construction projects. In 1992, we made our footprint in the state of Delaware working with the Delaware Department of Transportation; a long-term relationship the company still holds today.

As the company continued to evolve, we found our specialty in the industrial and food/beverage manufacturing industry. In 2017, our customer’s needs were assessed, and we saw the opportunity to expand our services to become a multifaceted provider of industrial services, which in turn created a need for a company name change.

Today, Byers Industrial Services employs highly-skilled industrial trade workers throughout the United States and provides turn-key solutions and services in the electrical, mechanical, structural and utility sector.

With our ever growing customer base along with being licensed in 23 states and more on the way, we are proud to celebrate 2022 marking our 50th year in the industry, and an exponential forecast ahead.

Nationwide Licenses
  • Arkansas (M-10615)
  • Alabama (#7228)
  • Colorado (#102137)
  • Delaware (#T1-0004250)
  • Florida (#EC13010130)
  • Georgia (#EN217909)
  • Kentucky (#ME66072)
  • Louisiana (#70210)
  • Maryland (#7202)
  • Mississippi (#24508-MC)
  • Missouri (#2020026227)
  • Nevada (#81144)
  • New Jersey (#34EI00449200)
  • North Carolina (#32583)
  • Ohio (#49093)
  • Pennsylvania (#3527)
  • South Carolina (#M115659)
  • Tennessee (#75396)
  • Texas (#35543)
  • Utah (#12367670-5501)
  • Virginia (#2705176403)
  • Washington (#BYERSIS800L6)
  • West Virginia (#WV059983)
  • Wisconsin (#1561647)

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