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Byers has been providing utility services to the State of Delaware since 1994 and to date has installed over one million feet of fiber optics, spanning over 190 miles. Over the last twenty years our team has constructed numerous intersections as the State modernized their infrastructure to accommodate the increase in traffic flow with the installation of traffic signals and the related infrastructure.

Most of the work takes place beneath the pavement when installing an operational traffic system in order to maintain the ongoing traffic flow. The labor is intensive and utilizes directional boring technology to install conduits, cables, and related materials all while allowing traffic to continue unimpeded. This work along with a state-wide camera system allows the intersections to be managed simultaneously from one command center. In addition, our services also include changing signal timing to accommodate traffic patterns.

Our performance on these projects has gained the confidence of the City of Wilmington, D.A.R.T and New Castle County who all rely heavily on our team to provide the same services to keep them up and running.

Working near live traffic lanes is also one of the most dangerous types of construction. It requires experienced traffic management, modern safety equipment, a strong safety program and supervision committed to the safety of the crew and the motoring public. We are committed to upholding the highest degree of safety standards onsite and are proud to say that our reputation reflects these values.

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