At Byers- Integrity, Excellence and Community is our standard.

Over 50 years ago, Frank Byers started the company as a small electrical contractor handling commercial projects. In the early 2000s, we branched into mechanical trades to compete with competitors and complete turnkey projects for our NJ customers. In 2010, Byers expanded nationally and grew exponentially over the next 14 years. From our humble beginnings up to this point today in 2024- we’ve kept Integrity, Excellence and Community at the center of everything we do.

Jose Gonzales

Jose is currently our lead foreman on the Carolina foods project and has shown to be proficient in Conduit, Wire Basket, Tray layout. We appreciate all his hard work and dedication to the team and to our clients. Keep up the great work Jose!

Daylahn Collier

Daylahn’s tenure with Byers has proven to be invaluable toward the success of our jobs and we hope to see him on many more projects for the foreseeable future. Keep up the great work, Daylahn!

Brett Dilks

Brett’s innovative mindset and continuous pursuit of quality make him an important addition to any project. We have no doubt that Brett will continue to excel and make significant contributions to the success of our company!

Employee Spotlight. Our team is our greatest asset.

I want to acknowledge our field workforce; you are what makes Byers run. Without your contributions this company is nothing. – Ryan Morris, CEO

What Does Integrity, Excellence and Community mean to us?


Whether it is a personal or business related, integrity is the foundation of any rewarding partnership.


BIS committed to providing an exceptional quality of work, we prioritize staying focused on improvements.


Byers is dedicated to giving back to our community, we love our home and are proud to be a contributor to various meaningful organizations and causes.

Supporting the American Red Cross

Drive Details:
Site: Janvier Elementary School
Address: 1532 Pennsylvania Ave, Franklin, NJ, 08322
Room Name: Gym
Date: Fri Jun 21, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM – 05:00 PM
Blood Program Leader Name: Danielle Dyjak

The Byers Industrial Services Team is supporting the American Red Cross to both recruit volunteers to give blood and has volunteered to donate their own. One blood donor can save up to three lives. We’re thankful for the generosity of our team and encourage anyone interested to reach out and join us at this event on June 21st in Franklinville, NJ at the Mary F, Janvier School at 1532 Pennsylvania Ave, Franklinville NJ 08322 between 12pm-5pm.

At Byers,

Integrity, Excellence and Community is our standard.

At the end of the day, we're fortunate to be surrounded by team members who know that they've done the right thing. It's not just about building and maintaining facilities and plants, it's about being our absolute best selves in every way possible.

-Eric Quidort,

VP of Marketing, Byers Industrial Services

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